Quantum of Solace (XBox 360)

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I must admit, Quantum of Solace is not a game I'd ever thought about playing. It took me months to get around to watching the movie, so I was in no rush to re-enact it. But a mate at work offered to lend it to me, and I figured, "why not?"

I can't help watching current Bond films and thinking it's a bit like Carry on Spying. Not because they're slapstick in any way - Roger Moore did enough of that to last a Bond-lifetime - but because Daniel Craig looks, at least to me, enough like a younger version of Sid James to be able to play him if they ever made a biopic.

Do you see? Or is it just me?

Still, the new Bond films are doing well with their reimagining of the property. Bond games, traditionally, have not been the best, with just a couple of exceptions. It would be interesting to see if Quantum of Solace could give Bond games a shot in the arm.

The game is set up to follow the film, as you would expect. Key scenes from the movie are shown, and at certain points you'll cut to the game, and that's where you come in. Naturally they have to expand these scenes, or you'd only have about half an hour of actual game, so there are loads more baddies than in the film's scenes.

I got him. In my sights.

A lot of emphasis is placed on using cover in this game. That's fine, but it has the odd effect of making the game more like a shooting gallery, or possibly a light gun game, without the light gun. There are a few chase scenes, but most of the time you're hiding behind a wall, rock or crate, waiting for the right moment to pop your head out and take out another bad guy.

It's all done pretty well, and the game does a good job of moving the narrative along with your help. A fun feature for Bond fans comes with the Achievements... they're named after Bond films or quotes from Bond films. It's a bit disappointing, though, to find that here isn't an Achievement called "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"

Quantum of Solace is a reasonable diversion, it's very polished and although samey, it provides some decent entertainment. Given that it can be picked up for just a few pounds these days, it might be something you'd want to consider if you're a Bond fan.