Audio Puzzle (iPhone/iPod Touch)

by PaulEMoz in , , ,


I was a bit disappointed with this one. It sounded pretty good from the description... it would take my music from my iPod and cut it into puzzle pieces, which have to be fitted back together in the right order to "win".

Not my tune... you probably wouldn't have heard of anything on my iPod...

On paper, that's a great idea. In practice, it doesn't really work. For a start, it only chops a tune into six or seven pieces, which is not really enough to be interesting. Also, you either know the song or you don't. If you do, from that number of pieces, you should win every time. If you don't, there's not really any fun in guessing what should come next, and anyway, if you've got any kind of musical brain you should fathom it out easily.

Bit of a shame, that... it was only £1.19, but I could have used that on an app I might have had more interest in. And with there not being a Lite version... well, I kind of fell for the description too easily. Doubt I'll use it again, to be honest... it's neither nowt nor summat.