Alisia Dragoon (Sega Megadrive)

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Is Dragoon a Japanese mistranslation? I only ask because any game with a dragon in it seems to be called Something Dragoon. I'm wondering if there was a bit of a Donkey Kong thing going on there.

Doesn't matter.

You want to watch what you're doing with that. Could be dangerous.

Alisia Dragoon is a fairly typical-looking Megadrive game. It also plays fairly typically, with your character slowly wandering about the landscape, jumping when necessary. The difference is that you're accompanied, at least for a fair part of the time, by a dragon.

It's a small dragon, though, and what it essentially boils down to is that it's the platform game equivalent of a Gradius multiple. You fire a big beam of lightning, and the dragon fires, erm, fireballs. It's a handy companion to have.

Which one's your leader? The big grey blobby thing? You're welcome to that!

Naturally, as you explore, you'll find power-ups and health bonuses... that sort of thing. They're possibly the most interesting part of the game, in that you can find more if you go a little bit off the beaten track. There's not that many areas where you can deviate from the path, but they are there and they can be missed if you're not looking.

Other than that, Alisia Dragoon is a fairly standard platform-adventure game. It's not bad, but it's not terribly memorable. I was certainly hoping for a bit more out of it.