Super Metroid (SNES)

by PaulEMoz

Well, stuff this.

I've never played any of the Metroid games, so I thought, where better to start than with the one I actually own (currently)? This may have been a mistake.

I'll be honest, though... I probably didn't go into this as much as I should have. Instead of digging out my original and playing that, I was lazy and used an emulator. This means that I haven't read any instructions. And this means that I don't know how to turn in to the morphing ball.

Lights... camera... but where the hell's the action?

That's right. Everyone that's ever so much as heard of Metroid knows that Samus, the main character, can turn into a ball to roll through small gaps. Well, maybe Samus can, but I can't. I've tried every key and button and combination of buttons on the controller, but nothing. And I've tried to redefine the keys on the menu screen, but there is no mention of the morphing ball there, either.

So I've been doomed to wander around a load of very dull and uninhabited corridors, in the hope of finding something to do. There was one bit with a bit pterodactyl-type creature, which beat me up a bit and then flew off. And that was it. The only enemy I've encountered so far.

I'm sure that Super Metroid might be a cracking game. If I dig out my original and read the instructions, and find out how to turn into that bastard ball, then I'll give it another try and write an update. Because the rest of the game surely can't be as dull as the start!