Prey (XBox 360)

by PaulEMoz

Prey is a game I've had sitting around for ages, and I figured I should finally get around to at least giving it a look. I can't say I was that bothered... I'm not a big FPS fan, but I've heard it talked up quite a bit. So, into the drive it went.

It's got quite an intriguing premise... OK, so the whole alien abduction thing is hardly new, but playing as a Native American Indian (Cherokee, in fact) is pretty unusual. And they've tapped into the spiritual side of the Cherokee to give you a range of "special powers" in keeping with that whole mystique.

So, it really is a massive clash of worlds, going from this ancient and noble race to the clean technology of an alien spaceship... one where the inhabitants are rather nastily hurting fellow humans, including your family.

Not a handsome lad. Also, not smart... he's not aiming at me, so he's about to be alien mush.

For some reason, though, Prey reminded me of a PS2 game. I can't for the life of me think which one. Maybe it's The Mark of Kri... yes, I think so. Although they're entirely different games, they do both feature a main character with a bird as a kind of guide. Glad I've nailed that down now.

Anyway, I quite enjoyed my little spell on Prey, although really the game was just getting started when I put it down. Is that enough to make me carry on with it? Yeah, I think so.