The Chip Factory featuring Technician Ted (ZX Spectrum)

by PaulEMoz

Hoooohh, boy. Sometimes this blogging lark is a bit painful.

I've vowed to play not only the games I own for this blog, but also games on systems I may not have owned, or other games I may have missed in the past. Now, the Spectrum is not a computer I'm well versed in. I had friends that owned them, and I enjoyed a fair few of the games I played then, but I've missed out on a lot. So I've trawled the internet for "Best Spectrum Games" lists, in an effort to help my progress. Technician Ted turned up on some of them, so I gave it a go.

But not for long.

Technician Ted can probably best be described as "Jet Set Willy in overalls". Looking at it, it's more like Jet Set Fred Elliott. I say that, I say I say that, because I can only go on first impressions. The reason for this is that I literally only saw three screens in the game.

Yep, this must be the boardroom - there's the chairman's creepy floating severed head.

Now, I know I'm not very good at JSW-type games, but come ooooon, Ted! Each of the three screens you can easily access appears to be impossible. On the first, if you go left, there's a pixel-perfect jump that is too perfect and is actually impossible to make, and a too-fast meanie that you can't jump. On the second, the only platform you can plausibly reach is guarded by an impassable spinning coin. And on the third, there's no way down without dying.

So, either Spectrum owners were possessed with superhuman gaming skills (a possibility, given the abilities of some I know, and given what they had to work with), or this game just isn't playable without cheating. Up yours, Ted. I never even got to find out what kind of chips they make in your factory.