Bayonetta (XBox 360 demo)

by PaulEMoz

I haven't written about a demo before, but the first game I played for this blog was Devil May Cry 4, and Bayonetta was directed by the creator of the DMC series, so I figured, why not?

There's more to it than that though... Bayonetta is quite probably the single most mentally insane game I've ever played. And bear in mind, I've played Blood Will Tell..

It's not just insane, though... it's possibly the most entertaining and enjoyable game I've played all year, and that's only based on the demo. It may, basically, be a lot like Devil May Cry, but it takes all that po-faced faux-sincerity and throws it out the window in favour of sheer lunacy and an imagination that you can't help but love.

Trust me, this is a relatively sane moment.

Something that's evident right from the start is that Bayonetta is gorgeous. And I'm not just talking about the lead character - the art direction and style is extraordinary. It's not just the actual graphics, although they're stunning... it's the amazing level design, and little touches such as the butterflies that fly from Bayonetta when she performs a double-jump. Lovely.

As for the game... I can't remember the last time a game made me laugh out loud out of sheer joy at what's just happened on the screen. Some of the tricks Bayonetta can perform are so way, way over the top that they're hilarious. The Torture Attacks are funny, but one of the bigger moves I performed to kill a big monster was just so utterly mad, I was giggling like a little girl. And some of the stuff that happens in the levels... incredible.

I've read all the hype about Bayonetta and tried not to be taken in, but from playing the demo, I absolutely cannot wait for the game to be released. Try the demo for yourself... not just once, but two or three times. Chances are, you'll feel the same way.