Soosiz (iPhone/iPod Touch)

by PaulEMoz

I read a review of Soosiz, I think on IGN, that said Soosiz was a bit like Super Mario Galaxy, or inspired by it at least. That's got nothing to do with why I got it... I've never played Super Mario Galaxy, and I don't own it. Come to think of it, I've never really sat down and properly played ANY Super Mario game. That's something I really need to address here...

Anyway, I got Soosiz because it looked cute and there was a Lite version available in the App Store. Simple as that. And the five levels given were more than enough to convince me that it was easily worth the £1.79 being asked for it.

What's it about, then? Well, you control this little yellow round thing with feet and spiky blue hair. The little yellow round thing with feet has to wander around the levels, collecting coins and other little yellow round things with feet and spiky blue hair. He has to avoid things like round green spiky things that look like conkers with eyes, round grey things that squash and crush, and huge big holes.

Each level is split up into, if not exactly small planets, then small areas of land. Soosiz, if that is your chacter's name, walks around the circumference of these land masses, finding what it needs to find and jumping over nasty things. At regular intervals, you'll find another land mass above or below you, and if you jump when near one of these, the gravity of the closer land mass will flip you and pull you onto it. And that's how you get about the whole of the level.

This is a very round game.

The game has a really nice feel to it, and getting used to this aspect of the game and the control method is as easy as falling off a log. And for a while, it's very simple, relaxed and chilled-out to play. After a short time, though, it throws a timed challenge at you, and then things are more frantic. This is when you'll have to replay a few times, and maybe get a little frustrated, but it adds a nice element of variety.

Soosiz turned out to be a really nice little surprise. It looks lovely, it's got a great little soundtrack, and it's a good deal of fun to play. The levels aren't generally too long, so it's a good game to play in small bursts if you're travelling, or if you just want to kill a few minutes. I'd definitely recommend you give the free trial a go, at the very least.