Rock 'N Roll Racing (SNES)

by PaulEMoz

Quite highly regarded, this, by all accounts, but not a game I was familiar with at all. Still, I fancied a change, and I haven't done any racing for a while (at least for this blog... I've been caning Forza 3 for a good while, might write about that at some point).

So, Rock 'N Roll Racing. So called because it's a racing game with classic rock songs SNES-ified for the soundtrack... a move which works very well. A bit of instrumental rock always goes down well in a driving game.

"Viper's about to blow!" Rather him than me.

As for the game itself, it brings to mind a loud arcade game. I actually thought of Ivan Iron Man Stewart's Off-Road Racing at first... it has a bit of that feel to it. But it's about half that and half Badlands, as you upgrade your bad-ass motor with weaponry as the game progresses.

As well as buying upgrades between races, you can pick up extras on the track during races. These pretty much amount to money and armour boosts, as you'd expect from a game of this type. You have to watch out for mines, too... easy enough to avoid, but worth keeping your eyes peeled for.

Rock 'N Roll Racing is good fun... once you ramp up the difficulty a bit. The layouts can seem a bit samey, and it's too easy for too long if you start on the easiest difficulty level. Give yourself a challenge, and you're in for a treat. And then there's the two-player mode...