Erm... I've got piles... again...

by PaulEMoz

So having just bleated on about storage problems, what have I just done but accepted a shipment of old PC games from one of the lads?

I couldn't help it... he was offering them for nothing (thanks, Mick!), and I thought that the more games I had available for this blog, the better. And I still believe that. But where the hell am I going to put the things?

Ah well, that's to think about later. For now, I've got a range of reasonably recent games, actually. And because my PC at the time most of these came out was... a bit limited, I haven't played most of them. There are quite a few Call of Duty/Medal of Honour-type games there; actually, a lot of first-person shooters in general, with Painkiller, F.E.A.R., Quake 4 and others. There's Morrowind and Oblivion... games which will take me way, waaaay longer than my AGAD remit to play properly, but which I've always fancied. A few racing games, a couple of the Thief games, some RTS games... it's a mixed bag of goodies, alright!

Wonder what I'll go with first...?

Pics to follow (camera battery is totally dead!).