I've got piles!

by PaulEMoz

Don't worry, that's not as painful as it sounds!

I've got loads of unplayed games that I've used as the source of inspiration for this blog. But, weird as it may seem, I'm always on the lookout for more. Now, I much prefer to have complete, boxed versions of games. But when an eBay auction came up offering a large pile of Amiga disks... well, I bit. I figured there would be a good few in there that I'd never played before, and if I could get them cheap enough, it would be worth having them.

And so, nineteen quid and a few days later, this turned up:

A bit lopsided with the weight, and very rattly, which obviously pointed to the fact there were a lot of loose disks. But I knew that already. OK, let's see what we've got here:

Surprisingly well packed together, considering the kicking around the box must have had on the way here. Not many actual boxes though, and it's hard to see exactly what you've got when everything's piled up, so the only thing that remains to do is to spread everything all over the floor:

And there we have it. Lots and lots of lovely (and not so lovely) stuff. And upon inspection, there's very little here that I've already got, which is quite a result! Of course, as I said, I'd rather have them boxed and complete, but they've worked out at about 25p each like this, which is an acceptable cost for the purposes of this blog.

I haven't actually catalogued them properly yet, but the one big name that leaped out and smacked me in the eye was Dungeon Master. And it was with that game that the eBay Amiga fun began...