I'm baaa-aaaaack!

by PaulEMoz

Had a week off. Sorry. Lots going on here at the moment... not least of which is the fact I'll be a dad for the second time in November! This is, of course, joyous news... but it presents me with a bit of a dilemma. I'll have to use the room that houses all my old games as a nursery!

So, what to do, what to do? Most people have told me that I should simply stick everything on eBay, because the money will come in handy and the storage issue will be solved easily. And that's all true.

But readers... would you do that? Honestly? I mean, think a little here. We're talking about a Commodore 64 with a boxful of games, a Super Nintendo with a dozen or so games, a Sega Saturn with about 20 games, and a Commodore Amiga with in excess of 100 boxed games and about another 100 loose. Plus an assortment of PC games, DS games, ZZAP! 64 magazine and other bits that are lying around.

It would also mean the end of the blog, which although it stalled over the last week or so, is still really only in its infancy. And I enjoy both the writing and the playing a bit too much to give that up.

So, the issue comes down to storage. I could either buy a load of crates and store them in my outhouse, which I'm reluctant to do, or I could buy cheap flooring and a ladder for the loft, and chuck them all up there. But then I'd have to go up there every day and dig through for something for this!

Gah. I don't know. I can't get rid of the stuff though... I'm going to have another kid to educate with this stuff!