Flight Control (iPhone/iPod Touch)

by PaulEMoz

What a cracking little timewaster this has turned out to be!

Flight Control gives you two runways and a heli-pad to watch over. The incredibly simple premise has you guiding planes and helicopters to their respective touchdown points. Of course, as with any good airport, everyone wants to land there, and this means lots of work for you.

The controls couldn't be simpler... you draw the flight path of each aircraft onto the touchscreen, then sit back and watch them land. At least, that's the hope... inevitably you'll have a jumbo jet steaming along its carefully planned route, only for a two-seater Piper to meander casually in its way. Cue hundreds of screaming passengers and one panicked aircraft controller, as you quickly try and draw your way out of trouble!

I'll tell you what it feels like... once things really get swinging, it feels a bit like the classic Juggler Game & Watch. Your eyes are darting all over the screen, looking for the tell-tale exclamation mark that warns of an aircraft's imminent arrival, all the while tring to keep all your planes and copters safe until they touch down.

Flight Control, for its current price of 59p, is a great little game. It gets really frantic quite quickly, and you'll have some crazy looking dotted lines littering your skyways in no time at all. You can't really go wrong at that price - check it out.