Audiosurf (PC)

by PaulEMoz

I don't know why I didn't get round to this ages ago. As someone with a spectacularly limited range of musical taste, you'd think a game that you play to your own music collection would be ideal for the likes of me!

And indeed, it is! It's a crazy rollercoaster ride along fast moving tracks... tracks that are generated by the very music you're playing along to! Are you sick of generic EA bland-rock sountracks? Fed up with the predictable sweeping orchestral swathes of Final Fantasy? Of course you are.

As far as the game goes, it's kind of an odd mixture of Frequency and Klax. You fly your craft up the screen along the undulating tracks, and coloured blocks scroll down towards you. You don't actually have to press a button when you hit the block (like you would in Frequency, and latterly Amplitude, Guitar Hero and Rock Band... instead, you have to collect them in clusters, like in the aforementioned Klax. Get blocks of three and they disappear... but collect odd colours and they stick, meaning you have to try and construct a row of three as best you can.

It actually works really well, and it gets very frantic at faster speeds. There are quite a few modes of play, too, and each one affects the gameplay quite subtly. This variety helps extend the lifespan of the game, although to be fair, how can you get bored of playing a game with your favourite music as the soundtrack?

That said, it's probably not a game you'd find yourself playing for hours on end. But for something to fire up for half an hour every once in a while, it's great. Or even if you just feel like doing something whilst listening to music... it definitely fits the bill there. Find it at GAME in their "3 for £10" deal... or keep your eyes on Steam for a deal.