Rocky Rodent (SNES)

by PaulEMoz

I'll be honest. This is not a game that I've had a long-held desire to play. It hasn't been sitting in my pile for ages.

Nope, there's a lad I know over on Way of the Rodent, and he's called Rocky. And so when I discovered this game, I just had to play it. So, sorry to anyone that's reading this and is not familiar with Way of the Rodent or Rocky, but you might not have a clue what I'm going on about some of the time here.

The premise of the game, having investigated it online, is actually pretty similar to real life. Rocky is an odd-looking character with daft hair and a massive appetite. His favourite restaurant is owned by Pie-Face Balboa. When Rocky accidentally eats an envelope full of cash that Pie-Face was supposed to give to the mafia, he's in trouble - especially when the mob capture Pie-Face's daughter. Pie-Face asks Rocky to rescue his daughter, and if he can manage that, he'll get all he can eat at the restaurant... for free!

It's an offer Rocky can't refuse (although not in the Godfather style), and so off he sets, using his weird hair to batter turtles and jumping cans of hot sauce, all the while picking up cheese and chips, just because they're lying around. The level of realism in this game is stunning.

Unfortunately, Rocky Rodent is not much cop. Despite the mad hair gimmick, it's a very standard and slow-paced platformer, with nothing much going for it at all. Still, it gave me a laugh for a few seconds, before I realised the game itself was dull. Shame, that.