Qwak (Amiga)

by PaulEMoz

I've heard of this before - it's by Team 17, who are one of the more famous Amiga developers, so that's not surprising. I've never played it before, and in fact it was a toss-up between this and their Project-X game, which I'll get to at some point. I basically picked this by looking at the screenshots and seeing the pretty colours and mountains of bonus points, and thinking, "That'll do me".

I didn't actually have a lot of time to play before writing this. It's been a busy and somewhat rubbish day. But I know that I liked it enough to play plenty more. If you like single-screen collect-'em-ups, such as Bubble Bobble or Rod-Land, you should love Qwak. There are enough bonus items and fruits here to satisfy any collecting whims.

Another game that was brought to mind whilst playing this was Solomon's Key. I'm not exactly sure why... it hasn't really got the same kinds of puzzling elements of that game. It just feels similar in control when you're running around. I imagine the sandy-coloured blocks have a bit to do with it as well, although playing as an armour-plated Orville the duck is something of a deviation...

Qwak is a charming little game, entrenched firmly in its era. It's got cute, cuddly and colourful graphics, nice tunes, loads of levels and plenty of jumping and collecting fun, with the puzzling element of learning the layouts of the levels and how to score the maximum from each level to keep you occupied. And now that I've written about it, I'm off to play it some more. See you tomorrow!