PapiJump Plus (iPod Touch)

by PaulEMoz

Winter cracks me up.

I mean that literally - the skin on my fingers dries up and splits, so that I have painful cuts on the ends of my fingers and thumbs. Thanks for passing that on, dad.

When this happens, gaming is painful, and so is typing, so I've found a way around that by buying and playing a tilt-only game on the iPod Touch. That game is PapiJump Plus.

It's a simple affair - you control a red ball that looks as though it could be a descendant of Evil Otto. There are a load of platforms, and by tilting the iPod, you move Papi to jump on the platforms. If you miss and fall off the bottom of the screen, you die and it's game over.

And yes, it really is as simple as that. There are a few game modes, such as jumping up the screen, jumping from left to right (a touch reminiscent of Thing on a Spring), and... you guessed it, jumping down the screen.

Still, despite the simplicity, it's pretty addictive for a while, mainly because it's got a high score table and it's annoying if you don't beat your best. And what's more, I can play it without having to use my nasty, split finger-ends. For 59p (or 99c) it's not bad at all, and it's kept me going with my game a day. I imagine it might pass a few minutes in a traffic jam on a bus quite nicely. And I haven't needed to type as much as usual - I win!