by PaulEMoz

One of the reasons I started writing this blog was so that I could make an attempt at playing through the piles of games my mate gave me. Trouble with that was, they've all been stored in black bags in my spare room. I'm sure you'll agree that's no way to keep aging classics of any medium, so as a result of my mate mogwins asking if I had a list of my Amiga games (I hadn't), I figured this weekend would be a good time to air them out, catalogue them, and store them where I can see them and get at them.

It's taking a while. Like I said, there's a lot of stuff. And yet (and I'm not being ungrateful here) I know he had more Amiga games than there are here. I know we spent hours upon hours caning Speedball 2, and that's not here. I know he had Dungeon Master. I know he had Starglider 2. And I know he had more Cinemaware games than just Rocket Ranger.

Still, no griping from here, there's enough to last a lifetime as it is. I do wonder where some of those games ended up, though...

Here's a small picture of the Amiga and Saturn stuff. It's too small in blog form to make everything out, but at least you can see the enormity of my task, bearing in mind I've got more gaming gear stashed out of sight for now... and not taking into account any emulated games I play. Good times lie ahead.