ExZeus (iPhone/iPod Touch)

by PaulEMoz

ExZeus is not a game you'd probably expect to see in your App Store. A lot of the games for the iPhone and iPod Touch so far have been quite simplistic efforts, puzzle games and retro remakes cluttering the store and burying the innovative gems, of which there are unquestionably a few. ExZeus is one of those few.

Well, when I say innovative, that might be a stretch. You've seen the gameplay before, just not on this platform. You take charge of one of three giant robots (the game is Japanese... they do love their giant robots in Japan) and go to war against invading forces. Pretty standard storyline, I'm sure you'll agree.

Basically, if you've ever played any of Sega's classic 80s shooters like Space Harrier or Afterburner, you know what kind of gameplay to expect. That's what's so surprising... you're playing a 3D into-the-screen shooter on a phone or MP3 player!

It's a quite amazing achievement. It looks great, but what's better is the way she moves. It's fast and smooth, and there's no lag affecting the game anywhere at all. It's totally fluid which, given that this almost looks like a PS2 game, is really quite impressive.

The game itself is not the best shooter you'll ever play, mind. It's tough to start with, which might be offputting, but give it a few goes and you should be getting past the first boss (took me four goes to get to level 2). And it's all maybe a bit too frantic... tilting left and right and up and down and trying to remember whether you need to lock on or just shoot will leave you in a heap of scrap before long.

Still, for £3.49, you might want to give this a punt. It is good, definitely, it is fun, it is action-packed, and it's a great game to show off with. Here's an official screenshot, to give you an idea.