Emulators - what's the crack?

by PaulEMoz

A big part of my plan for this blog is to play as many games as possible for the first time. That's good in a way, as I've got a decent-sized pile of unplayed games for my current-gen systems. This is a good way to kick-start me into finally getting around to them. But there have been umpteen thousand games released in the last thirty years... couldn't this get a little expensive?

Well, it could, but I'm probably going to use emulators a fair bit of the time. They're a bit of a grey area, but they do open up worlds o' fun. Of course, they're not as good as playing the real thing, but as a subsitute they work well enough and they introduce a lot of people to games they might otherwise have never seen. And everyone needs to know where the games of today had their origins.

I don't mind using them... if the games I play on emulators are made available to buy in this day and age, I usually do so, and in many cases I end up buying them several times (Namco Museum, I'm looking at you, even though I don't think most versions have been great VFM).

I reckon if I had all the money I've spent on games over time, I'd probably have enough to buy a house outright. But where would the fun have been in that?