de Blob (Wii)

by PaulEMoz

Hey, a game with loads of colours and jumping around! Do we see a theme developing here? Well... no, not really.

de Blob is a game that's been widely praised for some time now, but I never really fancied it, and it was only upon spotting it for £14 that I decided to take the plunge. I'm glad that I did - de Blob keeps up my lucky streak of good games played.

How would I describe de Blob? Kind of like a cross between Amidar (remember that?) and a Katamari game. It's got a lovely, languid style to it, where you can just wobble about the landscape under little pressure, splatting and colouring under your own devices. Of course, you have set targets, but for the most part they're not that difficult to accomplish, and so you just feel like you're exploring. There is a free play mode anyway, which reinforces that.

For a game that's about an originally colourless paint blob in a grey city, de Blob is infused with a remarkable amount of character. I'm not necessarily talking about the slightly forced Blob cohorts that pop up from time again and mutter unintelligibly (but with subtitles) - de Blob himself and the landscape he inhabits have a feel very much of their own. It feels nice to decorate the place... it feels right.

I do have a slight issue with the controls... they don't work as well for me as I'd like. But they didn't stop me from playing for two hours straight this afternoon, and I'm pretty sure they won't stop me from completing this one in due course. It's a refreshing blast of gaming colour.