Paul Morrison was born in 1971 in the north-east of England.  This was perfect timing, as it meant he got to grow up during the birth of computer and video games as popular entertainment, and is therefore part of the luckiest generation alive today.

They Were Our Gods is the culmination of over thirty years of playing computer and video games and dreaming of being a games reviewer.  If you were to read a collection of books about games, you could be forgiven for thinking games programming was a banned occupation in the U.K.  Our guys (and girls) just don't get the credit they deserve.  They Were Our Gods intends to put that right by focusing on all the talented British computer games programmers, artists and musicians, and the fabulous games they worked on (you might find some Europeans and Australians muscling in, too).  For all the kids in Britain, these pioneers weren't just games programmers... They Were Our Gods.