As time goes by and more gets written and more Gods contribute, I'll post little teaser excerpts for you to enjoy and to whet your appetite.  I don't want to give too much away too soon, but hopefully you'll see where this is going.  If nothing else, it proves I'm not making it up... I really am doing this! 

Mevlut Dinc on the Spectrum version of Last Ninja 2:

"I suggested to Mark Cale that he placed an ad in the magazines announcing the cancellation of the Spectrum version of Last Ninja as it was not up to their expected quality... but that they were going to develop Last Ninja 2 on the Spectrum alongside the C64 version!  I then accepted the opportunity to work on Last Ninja 2 from day one, coding Spectrum and Amstrad versions and also being involved in the design and ideas."

Andrew Braybrook on ZZAP! 64's review of Paradroid

 "It was fabulous when we heard the score: the first ever 100% for Presentation. The guys really liked the game, no doubt about it. I was conscious of it looking like a fix, since we had been doing the Diary article every month, but the game got generally good reviews all round. It was no doubt important in setting up my career in games, and paving the way for Uridium."

Jas Austin on  Sláine

"In my younger gaming days I was always a fan of old school text adventures like the Infocom and Level 9 games. So I used this as a basis for Sláine. Even though it was a graphic adventure it still had elements of a text adventure... Go North, use key to open door etc., except we presented the player with the choices in a rather unique way. It was supposed to be an insight into the fevered mind of a Barbarian... Very meta for 1987."

Pete Baron on Myth

"Faced with the task of putting a character into all these different Mythological settings the obvious move was to get a heroic guy in generic armour (perhaps Roman styled), but Bob (Stevenson) wanted something more stylish and identifiable than that.  We'd already decided to explain all the different eras as a by-product of time-travelling so the idea of a modern kid in jeans and white sneakers fit quite easily into our storyboard. Bob always liked his characters to be 'cool' and with the super smooth animation he really got it right for this game."

Jon Ritman on Batman :

"On the day I handed Match Day over to Ocean, David Ward gave me a copy of a new game they were distributing and told me I had to look at it. I took it with me when visiting friends, and when we put it on, there was a distinct silence broken only by the sounds of multiple jaws hitting the floor. The game was Knight Lore! After that I knew I wanted to write an isometric game..."

Zach Townsend on S.T.U.N. Runner :

"Domark had no graphic artist available so I knocked up my own graphics to start with, which worked well. Domark finally supplied their finished graphics just days before the game was supposed to be released, and they were worse, or certainly no better than my 'placeholder' ones. I remember being distinctly unimpressed, but their decision and the deadline were final."

Ben Daglish on the loyalty of fans: 

"Amazed. Really, truly amazed. I suppose that's to do with being part of somebody's childhood, but it never ceases to surprise me when another email pops in the box from an old-time fan."

Jeff Lee on researching Rocky Horror Show

 "I was taken to see it at a cinema in Baker St. There was a large stain on the screen. Never seen it since."

Dave Collier on converting arcade games: 

 "I always tried to produce the correct feel as I used to fix arcade games as a job.  I was there at the start, fixing Breakout boards. When some people thought colour was a passing phase, I could see the potential..."