The Eighties was a wonderful time to grow up, if you were a gamer.  There was so much imagination and creativity, none moreso than among those who wrote for the 8-bit computers.  It has long been my opinion that British, Australian and European programmers don't get enough recognition for the work they did, so my aim is to change that.

They Were Our Gods will feature interviews with up to 40 personalities across more than 500 pages.  I talk to programmers, musicians, artists, cover artists and games reviewers from the era.  There are big name industry legends, and there are also people whose names you might not recall, but whose work you certainly will.  It's a great cross-section of the people who made our hobby so much fun.

Each interviewee talks primarily about their 8-bit work.  Programmers talk about every 8-bit game they worked on.  Musicians talk about their classic themes and the processes behind them.  Artists describe their best known pieces in detail.  Reviewers discuss their writing process and the difficulties of playing games to deadlines.  You'll hear much more too, such as how they became interested in computer games and who inspired them.  Every interview is exclusive to this book, with stories you've never heard before!  Be ready to read about them all in Autumn 2016... after all, They Were Our Gods!